8 Elkins Road
Gorham, ME 04038

Phone: 207.839.6354

Service Times
Saturday 5:30pm
Sunday 9:00am,10:30am



Bath Senior Center
45 Floral St
Bath, ME 04530

Phone: 207.233.5520

Service Time
Sunday 10:00am

Locations & Service Times

LifeChurch Maine

Welcome to lifechurchmaine.org the online home of LifeChurch in Gorham and Bath! Thanks for stopping by! Whether you are looking for a church home or looking for answers to your questions about God, take some time to surf around and get a feel for what LifeChurch is all about. You can check out our message archives and listen to some of the latest messages. Our vision can be summed up in one word; Connect. We strive to make 3 connections happen each and every week:

  • Connect With God
  • Connect With Others
  • Connect Others With God

We are not about religion or denominations, we are just regular people with imperfect, messy lives, but we are pursuing and experiencing a transforming relationship with Jesus and with each other. Whatever your story, your questions, your doubts or your struggles...you will feel welcome at LifeChurch! I challenge you to join us each week for family focused ministry, Lifegroups, inspiring, passionate worship and relevant messages. As you come, expect to experience God in way that is relevant to your life and start living life the way it should be at LifeChurch.

Family Focused Ministry
LifeChurch places high value on family. That is why we have developed safe, life giving experiences for children of all ages.

Lifecamp Kids
“LifeCamp” is the children’s ministry of LifeChurch. We offer engaging, age appropriate classes designed to challenge your kids to live for Christ amidst a challenging culture. All our programs are designed to be relevant, fun, and life changing. Lifecamp is staffed by a team of volunteers that are uniquely trained to understand how to meet the needs of every child in a safe, creative and fun way.

  • Children's Class Breakdown
  • Nursery: Newborn - 18 Months
  • Benchwarmers:Ages 18-36 Months
  • Pee-Wees and Rookies:Ages 3-4
  • Junior Varsity:Ages 5-6
  • Varsity: First thru Fifth Grade

LifeGroups A recent study found that the number one reason people stay committed to a church is simple…they connect with people. LifeGroups are designed for that purpose…to help people connect! Our goal is to create an atmosphere where intentional relationships flourish in a healthy way and lead us toward strengthening our pursuit of a Christ-centered life.

Our LifeGroups meets in various locations and homes in the area. We also have Men’s and Women’s LifeGroups that meet regularly. For more information about LifeGroups, contact a staff member.

Inspiring, Passionate worship
Our worship team plays energetic and passionate songs of worship. This fresh and modern style provides a meaningful way to engage and connect with God in a style is consistent with today's culture. We believe that music is one avenue that connects us with God and prepares our hearts for the message. It also sets that sets the stage for personal growth and discipleship.

Relevant Messages
We have all been to churches where God appears irrelevant and completely outdated. That is the exact opposite of what you get from LifeChurch. Each week, the message is designed to communicate the Bible in a dynamic and relevant way. You can expect practical messages that you can apply on a daily basis. Feel free to stop by our media section and check out our message archives and recent messages. We even podcast our messages if you happen to miss a service and need to catch up.

  • A few tips to help you when you visit LifeChurch:
  • - Feel free to come casual or dressy. We have no dress code - whatever makes you comfortable is great with us.
  • - Sit anywhere you like, there are no assigned seats.
  • - Beware of friendly people - someone WILL speak to you.
  • - Your kids are safe and they'll have fun. Our Lifecamp ministry teams are well trained to provide the best possible care for your kids.
  • - We are not after your money! Guests are encouraged to enjoy the visit with NO obligation to give.

How did LifeChurch begin?
In November of 1996 Pastors Brian, Racquel, Gordy and Kim launched LifeChurch in a hotel ballroom. A total of twelve people came! In that meeting, Pastor Brian shared vision and future of LifeChurch and how they could help connect the people of Southern Maine to God. This was the birth of LifeChurch and many lives have been changed.

After two and a half years of being a mobile, LifeChurch had outgrown the ballroom and God was about to do something amazing. A beautiful church facility in Gorham, ME became available and was actually given to LifeChurch. From here, we continued to live out the vision of connecting people and reaching out to the community with the life changing message of God’s love. Since then, hundreds of people have been connected to God through the many extensions of LifeChurch.

Our Name Change
There never was a new search for a new name. Just like God had made clear that he had called us to this place he made clear our real name, we were LifeChurch. We had always been LifeChurch, it was just time to make it public. Read more about our name change from Portland Faith Center.

What does LifeChurch believe?
Even though LifeChurch is non-traditional in style, we are deeply committed to the eternal truths of the Bible. For more information, check out our Statement of Faith page.

Where is LifeChurch?
For your convenience, we have 2 campuses. In Gorham we are at 8 Elkins Road and in Bath at 405 Floral Street (the Bath Senior Center).

What should I wear?
Whatever you feel comfortable in. Break free from traditional church and come enjoy LifeChurch’s casual atmosphere. People wear everything from business casual to jeans and t-shirts. Feel free to leave the tie or high heel shoes at home. It’s okay.

What about my children?
While you are enjoying an exciting worship service, your children are being well cared for in a safe and clean age-appropriate environment. We have classes for infants through fifth grade during each of our worship services.

If your child is sixth grade and up, we have a special event called Stainless that happens on Wednesday nights from 6:00-8:00. For more information contact Dan and Nellie Levier at 657-6465.

Are all the weekend services the same?
We currently have three weekend services at our Gorham Campus – Saturday at 5:30pm, Sunday at 9:00am, and 10:30am. At our Bath Campus service is Sunday at 10:00am. There are children's classes during every worship service except Sunday at 8:15am.

Will I have to say anything, sign anything, give anything or be singled out in any way?
If you are visiting, we won't ask you to give a dime. We don't make you wear a visitor badge or stand up and stand out like a sore thumb. We want you to remain as anonymous as you want to, but we encourage you to visit our church over several weeks to see what's going on at LifeChurch.