Our Vision

A transformed life has gone from serving themselves to serving God! It has found it’s joy in God and in doing his will.

At LifeChurch our entire vision and plan can be summed up with two words; transformed lives. We’re called to change the world around us but how do we tackle such a big project? We’ve proven if you’ll jump in with us, your life will be transformed by Christ and you won’t be able to stop changing the world.

If we are being transformed – we can’t lose. If we’re not – we can’t win.

We’re going to ask you to jump in on 4 (and only 4) things that will transform your life!


God wants us to be close to Him. More than just practicing religion, He wants a relationship with us. Whether you’re new to faith, have questions, or have been a Christian for a long time, our services are a safe place to learn more about what it means to know God and grow closer to Him.

One of the ways God designed for us to live in freedom is to have the right people in our lives, and we accomplish that by connecting with others in what we call Life Groups. Our Groups are a practical and fun way to find life-changing community. Life Groups meet throughout the year, and by searching our online directory, you can find a group that fits your needs and your season of life.


We’re all an important part of God’s plan, and our life will make the most sense when we discover our purpose. The LifeChurch Grow sessions are designed to help us take steps in that important process, and we have Grow Sessions available to you the first two weeks of every month.


This is God’s ultimate plan for our lives-to make a difference in the lives of others. When we do, the Bible tells us we will experience extreme joy. Through the LifeChurch Dream Team, we hope to connect every person to an opportunity to grow in their calling. Learn more about the Dream Team in our “Grow” Sessions.