Sunny Days Curriculum

Our objective is to provide a secure, professional, and loving Christian atmosphere where each child feels safe, learns easily, and enjoys a values-based environment. Our goal is to make a positive difference in each child’s life by creating a curriculum according to:

  • Orderly, well run classrooms and schedules
  • Individual attention
  • Developmentally, age appropriate learning activities based on observation/assessment
  • Development of the ‘whole child’ – intellect, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual​
Other things to note:
  • For all children enrolled in our center (ages 6 weeks to school age), we create curriculum based on four steps – observe, document, reflect, and plan.
  • We use the Maine Early Learning Development Standards and Supporting Maine Infant Toddler Learning Guidelines as a basis for what research considers “typical” at each age. More information can be found on the Maine Roads to Quality Website regarding these standards.
  • Multiple assessments are done on each child each month to decide which skills require more support within the learning activities. Parents are invited to conference twice per year to go over those findings and any questions or concerns they have. Of course, you are welcome to speak to your child’s teacher or the center director whenever you find it necessary.
  • We understand that all children progress at a different pace and support them where they are developmentally. Aside from the preschool classroom, we keep the age gap as small as possible to target their individual needs.