Sunny Days Tuition

What is included in your tuition?

Early Care and Education from a team of qualified, educated, caring and loving teachers
Child friendly lunch
Music and Movement with Miss Irene
Baby Sign Language
Safe, secure environment including security cameras in each classroom, hallway, and kitchen
Sunny Days participates in 5210, Let’s Go, Quality for ME Rating System, and Maine Roads to
Quality Professional Development Network (see parent handbook for details)

1. Sunny Days enrolls ages 6 weeks ­12 years of age.

2. Pre­Placement Observations: We ask that interested families make an appointment to tour our facility during Sunny Days hours.

3. A child is considered to be “enrolled” in the center only after availability is confirmed; registration fee and first week’s deposit is paid in full (non­refundable); and all necessary enrollment paperwork has been received and reviewed by the Director. Required paperwork includes:

Complete record of immunizations ­ please send in updated copies regularly
Written consent for child to receive medical treatment
Emergency contact card and information
Signed policies and procedures agreement (after review of handbook)
A signed fee agreement, and any other registration forms supplied by Sunny Days

4. Sunny Days reserves a 30 day trial period during which we can learn to work together. If at the end, either party finds that we are not compatible for any reason, we can terminate any written agreement at that time. After the trial period, either family is required to give a 2 week written notice of termination, with the exception of parental failure to make timely tuition/fee payments.

***Any change in this information must be communicated to the office immediately so we have the most up-to-date information on file.