Sunny Days

Sunny Days Child Care is an extension of the ministry at LifeChurch. Therefore the beliefs and values are the same. LifeChurch is non-denominational Christian church, which holds the Bible to be the standard for doctrine and daily living. Our objective is to provide a secure, professional, and loving Christian atmosphere where each child feels safe, learns easily, and enjoys a values-based environment. Our goal is to make a positive difference in each child’s life.

Our carefully selected staff all share a common set of values: a high standard of Biblical morality; a loving, nurturing heart; ongoing professional training. These qualities combine to create an environment of excellence. The difference we make today will be the difference your child makes tomorrow! It is our hope that the lives of both you and your child will be enriched because of your association with us.

God bless you and your family!

Our Curriculum

Our Tuition

Parent Involvement Opportunities

Sunny Days has a Parent Advisory Board that collaborates with the Director and Staff to keep the center moving in a positive direction. As a group, we discuss topics such as fundraising, environment updates, upcoming events, etc.
We offer parent teacher conferences twice per year and are always willing to meet with you about questions and concerns with your child. There is an open door policy at our center!
Sunny puts on a vast amount of events where we welcome parents and other family members to join us, such as: Open House, Grandparents Day, Mothers Day Tea, Donuts for Dad, Family BBQ’s and other outings, Classroom Celebrations, Preschool Graduation, and more.
We always allow and encourage parents to volunteer in the classroom.

Enrollment Packet (pdf)
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Covid19 Protocols (pdf).

For Enrollment Information
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